Romance under the Great Oak

See title. Is there currently a Weave with a Minotaur/Oak spawn? Or have i to victimize myself by rng?

I personally did the challenge on against the grain while playing twitch. We camped there until we got a minotaur

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Unrelated, I’m surprised there’s no achievment for killing a minotaur in the labyrinth (garden of morr).


Or for a rat Ogre in one of the churches (Maybe in the 2nd mission of Drachenfell) " The Hunchback of Drachenfell (or another similar title)


Killing a Packmaster next to a living pig “Animal Care” (2nd edition Skill check)


So I assume that the answer to the question is that currently no Weave exists fulfilling the condition.

Then I will probably try this. Although I tried once in the past and noticed that I am to dumb to start a Twitch game on my own -_- Didn’t even open the portal, not sure what I did wrong.

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Title made me think this was another fanfic.


Honestly I don’t know, I haven’t touched ranked weaves since S2, and it was only for the archers achievement.

We’re two of a kind.