Getting a Minotaur in Against the Grain

I hope this is in the right place as there isn’t any sub-forum labelled as “General Discussion”.

So I am looking at getting the challenge to kill a minotaur under the oak in “Against the Grain”. And I feel that I need to ask if there’s some trick to it or if its a waiting game of playing a game with Beastmen around the oak and then simply wait for the RNG to roll a Minotaur to send against me?

I got Beastmen around the oak today and waited for some 15 min or so there before I got unsure if a minotaur would eventually be spawned and moved on.

But I feel that I probably should ask and know if there’s point in camping there or if something else is required to get that minotaur.


It seems to be kinda RNG based.

Sometimes when you are on the …hills? Next to the road leading towards the apple orchard a boss will spawn.

Thus you´d have to get lucky with said boss being a Minotaur, then you´d have to be lucky enough that a patrol/heaps of enemies arent in the way so you can pull him up there.


you can do that challenge on weaves to and then its not rng at all because weaves have always same set of enemies


Thanks guys, I think I know how to proceed now. :slight_smile:

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Also, note that boss enemies spawn on specific triggers. If you’re in a normal adventure map, they either will spawn at a certain point or they will not. So if you don’t get a Minotaur to appear when he get to the area of the map with the tree, then no amount of waiting is going to make it appear. :confused:


It’s RNG, or you could play twitch and just wait there till it rolls Minotaur spawn.


Play Weave 20.
Minotaur always spawn.
Completing the challenge is now possible easily (was fixed weeks ago following my report).


I am agree. I don’t like achievements that are too situational and not based on player’s skill.
While it is nice to sometimes stumble upon a rare situation such us offering a bovine blood to the gods under the tree, I prefer not to have an achievement that is not under player’s control

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But… it is. Since you can spawn a minotaur on weave 20…

Provided you want to touch that game mode, which I personally don’t.

Well, that’s your choice, there’s a non random way to get this achievement, and you purposefully choose not to use it. That’s kinda on you, not the game’s mistake there.

That is correct. But I care more about showing how much I despise the logic behind weaves than getting it easily.

I will translate that for other

"I’m to mad to find somebody who have unlocked it and do that challenge in less than 10 min and temper tantrum "

You would not earn your living as a translator then, but NVM.

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i have gotten it a bunch of times when you have twitch mode enabled

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