Riposte does not reapply while already active

With the Riposte talent for Witch Hunter Captain, if one parries an attack it activates the Riposte buff as normal. However, if one then parries another attack without using the Riposte guaranteed critical hit, it does not restart the Riposte buff. This can make fighting Chaos Spawns and Minotaurs awkward sometimes.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    • Parry an attack
    • Let go of block and do not use the guaranteed critical hit
    • Before the Riposte timer of 2 seconds ends, parry another attack
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    • Whenever I parry an attack immediately after parrying an attack before-hand without using the Riposte crit. Consistently occurs if the above steps are followed.
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence
      The gameplay recorded was on Official. You can see near the bottom left that after parrying another attack the timer does not reset. I fully drop my block in between several attacks and parry them but it still does not reset the timer.

I don’t think it even is supposed to reset, but I’m most likely wrong

You could be right, but I think it would be an odd decision from a gameplay perspective, as it doesn’t reward the player for multiple parries and instead encourages them to always use the crit buff as soon as they can, because they might not get another one that they can use more wisely if they don’t.

Wait, why is it just not ‘stored’? You only are able to crit once right? not crit during the duration of the buff? so why is there a buff timer, why not just store 1 crit?

Why doesn’t it just show u have a crit on next swing, like how “crit on 5th strike” talents are working?

Is it purely like that because its a ‘counter attacking’ theme? I don’t think it would be too strong if you could store a crit.

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It’s to keep it inline with the theme of swiftly Riposting after parrying. It’s also because unlike the every 5th crit talents, missing does not consume the crit.

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