Righteous Stand finale: Ambient Light Quality at low looks better on Night Mode

Just want to mention that when Ambient Light Quality is set to low, the inside of the Temple of Sigmar in the Righteous Stand finale normally looks very bright and washed out:

However, it looks a bit better in the Geheimnisnacht night mode:

Maybe Fatshark could do some tweaking with the lighting to make the non-night mode of the Righteous Stand finale look better with Ambient Light Quality set to low.


At the same time, it looks much worse on high. Where it used to be almost pitch black now its this lame quasi-dark that’s actually perfectly illuminated. Quite ironic for a nighttime map.

Well we got two full moons that’s quite some light.
I would approve of less light. The good thing is that Geheimnisnacht is the only night in the year in Warhammer universe where both moons are full at the same time so they will have to change something for the future night mode.
Hope we can get something like Perfect Dark (darkness) as well for new moon.

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which gamma value are you using?

Months ago, someone on the dev guys told that the designers are using 2.2… (actually I have set it to 2.3).

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