Rework of the Weekly Contract System

As of now the System is a bit lack luster.
I would suggest the following System as a Change:

  • You have 5 Slots
  • You have a shop that rotates same as the Weapons Shop but with Contracts.
  • Each Contracts costs money based on the complexity - Lower ones are more expensive.
  • The payout is more based around the grind you put into it and less on Complexity - maybe complexity can function as a multiplier.
  • You can buy these Contracts until your slots are full and the slots empty out at the end of the week.
  • You can Delete a Contract and get some of the money back.

This way its less RNG, the rerolls are gone which suck and do seem to have a bug as of now(can’t reroll over 10k cost) and you get a much better metric which Contracts are played more often as they seem more fun/efficient and you can balance accordingly.
Also it would have a nicer authenticity as these would not be just random things that are arbitrarily assigned to us that we might want to do.

Lackluster doesn’t even begin to describe it.
The system has no cross progression between characters which means that in order to get all the possible rewards per week with no extra superfluous characters, you have to:

Create four characters so you have one of each class
Level them all up individually to 11
Then play for what’s likely OVER full time hours EACH WEEK, and you can’t just play, no, you have to specifically aim for the challenges.

I was under the impression that Darktide was supposed to be a co-op action game, not a grind extravaganza the likes the world has never seen until now.
Cross progression is essential, unlock the Requisitorium across all characters once one reaches 11 so you can progress your weeklies playing a fresh level 1 character so you’re not even further punished for playing multiple characters.
Considering “Alts” and “Mains” in a game like this is absurd.

This is a bit over the top view on the overall contracts system. It seems to be designed to be the extra carrot you can get but does not have to.
Which does not mean it has to be a rather boring system.