Returning player, multiple of the same illusion for a few different weapons'

Greetings, I was doing some illusions for some of my weapons and noticed that for quite a number of the skins were like duplicated. two skins of “Warrior’s Thund” for the rifle for dwarf, etc. Wondering if there is a way to remove duplicates to save space since, I know I have a limited box for skins. I’m a returning player and before I took my short break I had reset my account to start fresh so I was wondering if a bug occurred or something.

Hello! Please send me the URL to your Steam profile/Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID and we’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

There you go, most likely you can see all the skins on said account and see what has been duplicated lol

Thank you for the link! If it’s not too much work, are you able to name the items you have duplicates of? If the list is extensive, I understand this may not be possible. :slight_smile:

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