Respawns in foetid gorge

Respawns in chaos wastes foetid gorge keep appearing on the wrong path, when this happens they are NEVER reachable.
Has been happening the entire time chaos wastes has been on XBOX.

Also exploding skulls is unplayable with bots, kerillian is dead in under 2 minutes, every single respawn.
They have ZERO awareness. Kruber takes about twice as long. Still same result.

On glory to greed missions patrols will spawn, be heard but never seen, likely spawned off path, but will have all the curses, or sparkles, the ones that spawn orbs. When this happens NO ENEMIES will spawn orbs for the rest of the map, there are no pickups at all. Cursed enemy counters do not despawn properly.
It also applies to enemies standing on cliffs that are cursed, if you don’t kill them they still count as active and it lowers your orb rate significantly.

Bypassing a patrol at beginning of map can result in zero pickups possible, zero items. This sucks!

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