Respawn point in Bel'Sherbert Mine is above a drop

I got thrown off a cliff by a blightcaller.
Val waited down the hill hoping for a favourable respawn point considering the event was coming up, but too far to run too before I respawned.

Died in the circular super pretzel area shown where Val is leading the bots through in the last image.

Respawned before the drop that leads to that area, where there are two paths in, both have one-way invisible wall protected drops with no return to where I respawned.

We probably wouldn’t have cleared citadel, but that’s the closest we’ve been on Cata so far, second last zone just before Citadel. Frustrating to lose like that, considering Kruber died the second the event started, as is usual.


Console log in case it helps track down the specific layout, as I’ve not seen this one before, one of the lower loops was blocked off with rubble, just about every other variation I’ve seen for this area has the lower tunnels totally open.

That said this resurrection location would be inaccessible from every single layout version, considering where I died.

console-2021-06-02-19.16.57-207d53ff-5339-42ff-a519-7641578efa30.log (3.2 MB)

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