Respawn mechanic on Choas Wasted™, is this intended path for you?

Hello there,

So, we were just vibing in an expedition and one of us clutched into the portal. 3 was dead and respawned in the map. So the next map (after the shrine) caused the 3 to respawn WAAAAAY further into the next map which triggered a horde and a spawn.

Is this intended mechanic of the Wasted™ or are just plain scrubs?

Here’s the compressed log file of the situation (it also crashed in the end but who cares :smiley: ):
console-2021-04-23-15.51.27-a0932948-7319-4bfc-8730-e764ca3c8a71.rar (1.5 MB)

The only time I passed a portal with a downed ally, they spawned right at the beginning of the next map. I doubt what you’re saying is intended.


THIS IS NOT A COOL FEATUREBUG™ like the QP deeds and will post more of the similar things if I get more of these

@FatsharkJulia Hi, I’m attaching the crash dump for the log because it seems the crash was not mod related, thank you :slight_smile:

crash_dump-2021-04-23-15.51.27-a0932948-7319-4bfc-8730-e764ca3c8a71.dmp (1.6 MB)

Our developers thought this crash was related to Third Person Equipment originally, but you have it disabled I see so I’ve let 'em know.

Naturally I disabled all non-functioning mods (except framework) when the info came because I don’t wanna have more easily prevented crashes

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