Report/ Send Option in Game

Could you implement a way so that if our game crashes, freezes or has a bug. That we can submit a In Game report?

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I don’t think so.
If the game crushes, it crushes, you can not still be in game when it happens
And if you notice a bug while in game there’s usually no time for reporting, you have to move or more specials and hordes will spawn.

One thing that can be done is in-game info that clearly tells about where and how to report bugs and crushes

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record your games/matches and screen cap the crash screen that appears. then submit thru bug section with your proof. then complain loudly about it. if you yell loud enough ,others will agree.


You can find your crash logs here, even if you don’t get a pop up, it normally creates them.

C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2

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