Bug Reporting Tool Inside The Game

Hi Fatshark development team.

I believe for you, and for us, that it would be great to have some kind of tool inside the game where you can make a fast report of something not going as supposed to be. For most players base would be really easy to make reports so you can also make fast stats of the main problems and which of them are more important following the volume of reports.

Im sure a lot of people doesnt report bugs at all for the system you still continue using from the forum having to fill all the questions. That takes time and lot of people are too lazy to do so. As others dont understand it at all. Not all the players speack english easy. Like me. So this would help a lot also to help improve the game.

With a fast tool pressing “ESCAPE”, per example, like other games have for reporting players. Like you have for kicking people from the game. You could manage way more information and people wouldnt be so lazy to report bugs.

In some games I see some bugs that Im not playing with a paper and a pen writing each bug and stoping playing with my friends to make a report or more than one report. A fast system inside the game, i really believe, it would help a lot for improving the game.

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