Replayability much...?

Hi there, happy new year,

Certainly not the first to make that point: after around 1000 hours on vt2 and 200 on dt I already feel like going back on vt2.

The main reason, besides plain lack of promised content, is that I simply feel like fatshark does not understand what makes vt2 so replayable because they didn’t bother reproducing it in dt.

Something that I absolutely love about vt2 which got lost is the sheer amount of different ways to play the game and the fact that every setup you could want would be attainable if you farm for it.

Example. If I want to play dual hammer on the ironbreaker I can farm my components, craft the weapon, roll crit chance, attack speed, swift slaying, play and have a scoreboard that would allow me to measure how I did compared to my usual two handed axe setup.

This was lost. Now I want to try a brutal momentum + headtaker combat shovel with crit chance and damage versus flak on my veteran because I’m bored of always playing the power sword… But I just can’t.
I can’t farm for it. Playing harder difficulties, collecting tomes or grimoires, farming heaps of component won’t make me any closer to my goal.
I just have to check the store regularly, get super lucky.
Upgrade the rarity of the item, get super lucky again.
Won’t happen.
And you know what? When it’ll finally happen, I will want to test the same setup with a different perk, then do it all over again on a different weapon. That’s basically the gameplay loop that made vt2 so enjoyable.

I would also love testing different combination of curio’s perks on my ogryn. I got three times 20% damage reduction against gunners because it simply feels obligatory so I’d like curio’s with this, block cost reduction then try and compare revive speed and cooldown reduction…
But again I just can’t. I get stuck with troll perks like extra xp, extra ordo dockets or those ridiculous +4% toughness and I’m not given the possibility to reroll these in order to just test the perks combination that I want.

I’m not even trying to theory craft and explore curio stats on my preacher because trying to do it on my ogryn simply disgusted me.

Getting the items setup that I want is completely random and un-related to the time and work that I put into the game.
It’s only luck and it’s deeply unsatisfying, on top of “forcing” me to always play the same setup, depending on the type of weapon I got lucky with (hello brutal momentum rending powersword).

I know the full Crafting system will come and alleviate at least some of this but a lot of the design choices that we can already see, like partial reroll with other stats locked, the use of troll perks (extra xp, extra dockets, extra curio drop or that limbsplitter thingy that just makes any melee weapon useless), no cross inventory, no cross weekly quest progression, no scoreboard… All those choices are plain regressions compared to their previous game and translate IMHO that fatshark just didn’t bother keeping the stuff that would actually have someone stick with their game for a big amount of time.