Remove the Beta sign from Beta-helmets

It breaks immersion so much, like a dunce cap.


I like it, it looks like they being a issue for a special team or regiment or something.
Also they stand out from the standard issue of imperial guard helmets.

My only grip is that there could be an option for open or locked clasps, because open makes no sense at all (regarding wearing a helmet), except looking “cool”.

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funny thing you say about standard issue imperial guard helmets, its shape is actually the more authentic one to the old cadian one. the one in the base game is the newwer one you see in the new model guard lineup at GW

-a nerd who pays too much attention to these things


It’d look better on the side I think

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The baclava clipping through my veteran’s face is infinitely more immersion breaking than the beta symbol, although I would like to be able to recolor it like the regular helmet.

def would be cool rework the logo tbh