Refund me that Krieg torso for zealot!

Issue Description:
I can see lights from those candles cliping on the right side of my screen. Come on now.
First I’ve bought that iron mask that clips through the rebreather on the blue zealot outfit, now this…
Thats 2.300 coins right there.

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You’ll need to unequip the item in order for me to refund it.

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Just did and also, would it be possible to refund my coins for that zealot’s iron cage mask? cause I’m using zealot’s skin with that huge rebreather (worshipper’s something) and since it clips through it - I have no use for it.
Was waiting for 9 or 10 months for you to fix it to no avail.
Thank you, Julia.

I can only refund purchases made recently unfortunately. I’ve refunded your Zealot upper body piece.

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Thanks you!
But please do something about that rebreather thingy. Make it a bit smaller maybe?