red screen damage indicator is obnoxious

I haven’t played in a few weeks so I guess this must be something newly added as I don’t recall it before.

I appreciate having an indicator showing me I am taking damage, especially while in a gas cloud, but the current implementation is obnoxious. my whole screen flashes red, making it tough to see enemy attack animations in detail, putting me at risk of taking more hits, causing more red flashes, etc.

the worst offender on this is taking friendly fire from a hagbane, as the screen just pulses red repeatedly for seconds; the red flashing is worse than the actual friendly fire damage from the hagbane.

please give me an option to disable this garbage, or find another way to implement it that isn’t so distracting. while I’m at it, I’d also like a way to disable the blood/gore effects that fill up my screen occasionally.

“The high and mighty elf is HITTING MEEEE! Can’t SHOOT STRAIGHT! Or CAN she??”

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