Red player outline after joining mid game


I’ve had two seperate occasions recently where I joined an ongoing qp and one of the players had a constant red outline.

I think the first time the player in question was dragged by a packmaster when I joined in and the second time the player in question was dead and could already be rescued. The screenshots are a while after they where rezzed and still kept their outline. I’ve outlines activated always.

console-2021-06-27-11.04.20-50bd3555-62a4-4b40-a5db-4b3fa74af39c.log (1.6 MB)

The whole Log was too big. I hope I didn’t cut off too much.
console-2021-07-01-11.23.09-3a67a41a-c026-4e86-89b3-efcdf5b6e7dd_short.txt (769.8 KB)

I hope you have a nice day and a nicer weekend :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it happens sometimes.

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