Outlines bugs... again

Hi! There is some bugs with outlines like players have red outlines after reviving or bots have green outlines after yout set them free even if you have outlines off in your settings. Please fix it finally. It has been reported many times in a long time. My immersion suffers.


Here is maybe a bit more info:

The Player Outlines stay throughout the change of the map although the playerstate has changed. Even after Picking up the players the red outline did not disappear/ turned green.

My assumption would be that whereas this cannot happen in the campaign mode it can happen in the chaos wastes or weaves that the player state of beeing downed or dead and therefore having a different colored outline does not get reset or updated after another map is loaded or will not reset if the player is not respawning before a the game/ map ends.

console-2022-06-26-19.37.18-a2aa1869-1b53-46a9-8661-13a7d4de8cdf.log (5.9 MB)


It happen to me in the campaign all the time. Both my pictures here are from normal maps (not CW).

Yes I know. Im simply trying to help and add more possible sources of the problem to solve the outline bug.
There are most likely more issues regarding this mechanic but my elaboration might be one of them.

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