Obscured teammates' outlines?

Issue Summary: Green character outlines are either glitchy or invisible with no apparent logic behind them.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the game any way you like
  2. Pay attention to your comrades when they are out of your line of sight

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Constant

Additional Information: I mean, seriously, what’s wrong with them? At first, I thought they are supposed to become invisible when you wander too far off, but after closer examination, it does not appear so. Sometimes I see only the blanked outlined out of the whole Huntsman figure. Other characters have also these kinds of pieces of their outfit that you might notice floating around.
Silhouettes disappearing altogether is a dangerous thing - I found myself really looking for my teammate on a convoluted map like Hunger just to see what he was pointing out for me (a powerup or something like that) Probably they needed help (heard a special) which I failed to provide because I just didn’t know where they were.
Anyway, I do enjoy Realism mode in L4D2, but there it is at least clear on when you should rely on seeing the outlines and when you should not.
This issue is really old, and I’m surprised it has not been fixed yet. Am I the only one having it? Is it some hardware-specific issue? Let us at least discuss it briefly.

DxDiag.txt (98.5 KB)

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