Red illusion displays as orange

Hi all, I am currently farming Kruber’s red illusions and I noticed recently that the red halberd that I received now displays as orange rarity. I understand this affects nothing besides the aesthetic of the icon, but it still irks me… I have unequipped it off all careers and applied and re-applied the illusion in an attempt to fix it, but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to change it back would be great.

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This is exactly a bug and should be fixed.

This is not the only case, I still remember - there is a similar problem with one of the Red illusions of the Saltszpire’s Crossbow. :bow_and_arrow:

Could you specify the name of the Weapon Illusion for us please?

Glided Glory Halberd shows as orange in illusion applying menu obraz

Faithflight crossbow for salzpyre shows as blue.


We are currently aware of Gilded Glory and Faithflight, if you spot any other please do let us know. :slight_smile:


Thanks @FatsharkJulia, will do :slight_smile:

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