Red Hat dropped, unable to equip, greyed out

Issue Summary:
I got a hat for Sienna “Regal Torchgate”
It shows in inventory in the Salvage area, I cannot equip it however as when I go to cosmetics
It still has a barred circle yet the text shows up in orange.
It’s like I’ve been awarded a rare cosmetic but it’s not fully loaded into my inventory properly.
I don’t grind for hours a day and then moan about duplicates, it’s my first and only red item and I can’t even equip it :stuck_out_tongue:

Has this bug been fixed?
Is there any way you can fix my hat/inventory so that can be worn?
Cannot reproduce due to the rarity of the hat drop rate etc.

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Constant (100%)

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Hey Rune2099.

From your screenshot it looks like you’re playing the Pyromancer, whilst the hat is a Battle Wizard hat.

You should be able to equip the new hat when using the Battle Wizard career.


Hats are career specific. That hat is for Battle Wiz not Pyro.

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