Reclaiming matts on weapon battering

so when you Batter n to earn the blessing or when you sell it you should gain some matts equal to the Blessing for dime’s rating ie 2x iv blessing equal to is 120 and plate steel is equal to the perks so 2 level 4 perks 25. since you use so many resources to upgrade them any person who is trying to play the game, requires to search the map for matts which is going to be difficult since not everyone is going to look for or wait for the search for matts. which hampers people levelling up their gear. it becomes a self fulling process. as a stand run on dam with people not searching will net you 125-200 matts. while a serach of matts will results in 800+ 4x that of a “speed run” of the mission. it reduce player number it increases grind and increases hatred towards you FS. @FatsharkSeptSis . can you please provide this feedback to your lord’s and masters (dev and feedback response team).

I’m inclined to agree. Even a handful of plasteel/diamantine, maybe a tenth the cost of consecrating to the weapon’s rarity, would go a long way.

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