Recent patch removed hi intensity

Issue Description: cant seem to find a fun game to play. its all no modifiers and low intensity. weird

Steps to Reproduce:
play game

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Not a bug, but an annoyance. With the new map in the map pool we have 2 guaranteed nonmodified maps - so one less map with modifiers. This reduces the chance to see a HI map by 50% (on damnation) as only one map with modifiers is in the pool. I saw a few HI+Dogs maps yesterday… but well, i dont want to play once every few hours, so hey System Shock released and it’s a good bridge till Diablo 4 comes out.

kinda feels like 100% chance of not. im sitting here trying to play it for more than 3 days and cant find hi int. dogs dont count


Not-a-Bug… Its a feature ^.^


Can it be considered as a feature of having nothing but low intensity maps for hours and making players quit because of that ?

“Not a bug” goes to say that “we replaced the twitch mod from VT2 for a non customisable one so you have to be patient and play ez mod. aslo we listen to the player btw”

At least save yourself saying it’s a bug. sigh.

ok maybe lets not have 2 guarenteed vanilla maps. huge oversight

Just use the games lantern mission board so you dont have to waste time logging in to check the board then sit on the game wasting time checking it. i dont even open the game unless there is hi intensity but soon I wont play at all unless there is hi intensity shock gauntlet because even hi intensity is too easy in the current meta. Btw, it has been only low intensity for the past 10 missions or so. You might get lucky and see a single hi intensity within the next 20 days. Then it will be back to sniper gauntlet and low intensity only.

i do that. i stream tide games everyday. since this patch has been out, it is this problem

Yeah, it sucks. I have lost most of my patience with this game. Fatshark has had more than enough time and feedback to fix this issue, same with the crafting. Even worse is there is only one mission per difficulty now with a modifier, so now our chances are even lower to find a good mod

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New map is always active, by touching the maps isn’t it possible that something went wrong ?
None of them have special condition atm

atleast make the 1 map that can have a modifier 50/50 hi or low intensity. its always low intensity. if not, dogs. if someone @fatsharkgames can pull the data for the last 4 days, u will see the problem. normal, normal, low int since this maps been out like 90% of the time. this is killing the hype.

let the new map be normal, and the other 2 roll modifers. im talking about damnation difficulty. its been kinda a snoozefest

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low intensity is weighted higher and that is not a good thing


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