Reallocation of Talent Points should be Improved

When ever a player wants to make a slight change to a talent configuration that involves anything near the top of the tree, it is necessary to take out all talent points below the node that is to be changed.
Then pick the node you want to change to, then reallocate all of the other skill points back to the same location where they were.

This is especially bad, when you simply want to swap to a different blitz ability.

My suggestion:

  • Let us take out any talent point at any place in the skill tree at any time.
  • Disconnected nodes are inactive as long as they are not reconnected.
  • Make all disconnected nodes glow red to show, that they are detached and will not be active.
  • When reconnected, the nodes go back to glowing white, indicating that they are active.

That way, it would be much easier and more comfortable to tinker with talent builds, and to make quick changes.
As it is now, it really is a chore and does not make me want to experiment all that much.


I totally agree with you. Another maybe easier option for them to implement would be to just wipe any nodes that get disconnected. Just so you know talents are saved in loadout so you can use those to make tinkering a bit easier.

i agree, tried to go a different route without changing the lower points and i got annoyed even if i only have to take out a couple nodes, feels like i have to write down exactly what i speced into, and im not about that.

We already have this thread about talent respeccing.
Sadly, no Fatshark reply.

I don’t see that they necessarily need to reply as long as they consider the feedback. We’ll see if they have taken it on board or not in the next 1-2 updates.

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