Re-add [mocking laughter] for Handmaiden

Humble request for [mocking laughter] to be re-added to the pool of Handmaiden’s career skill voice lines.


What? They took away my mocking laughter?! How dare they! Bring it back at once! Immediately!

Seriously that’s a gem.

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Quoting a comment by the OP of that post:

it was removed ages ago due to it sounding too much like sienna according to the devs , but i disagree. Skip to 7 seconds it sounded better ingame though since it had the echo kind of thing that the ult voicelines have added to them,

It was just so fitting to handmaiden :frowning: easy the best line she had while dashing through sht going invis and destroying sht, just generally doing what HM does best, being OP.