Ravaged Art draw distance

Draw distance should be increased a bit? Or is this working as intended?

Nothing on the barrel right?

Nope! Ravaged art!


I think this one might be something intended by the Devs; most items can be missed if you aren’t looking for them (tome 3 on The Warcamp comes to mind) and if the outline drew for the player at a distance of 10 meters, there’d be a lot of things that are very easy to spot (grim 2 on Empire in Flames is, technically, visible to the onlookers from below and is only barely out of the distance to be drawn until you are close to beneath it).

Then again, it might also be that I have the opinion that the draw distance should be very small, so it’s hard to say.

My guess is that it’s intended! :grinning:

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My guess is that is was brocken by the no hud update as I never ran into this before.

Oh wow. That’s pretty bad. Forget the outline, it’s just physically not there on the screen. And then a little closer it appears/spawns.

Well to me it’s irritating. I know many RA spots and here in the picture i was looking for it.

Yeah, having the glow outline not show until close range is one thing… but having the model not show at all is bonkers.


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