Rats spawn in plain sight on Nest 2

This spot is next to one of the stone pillars at the top of the initial bridge section, I am facing back down the ramp. The rats spawn out of thin air one by one on this spot. I don’t remember this being a problem before so I think the timing is off, either it’s spawning rats too soon or too late while players are in the immediate vicinity instead of further down the bridge or further up where this spot is no longer visible.

Yeah this is really annoying and it is because of enemy spawning way.

Al directer prefers enemy spawning where players don’t see.

The enemy will attack you without any hesitation becuz it is just spawned behind you

I have a proof

See 10:45~11:10

There was no marauder in the hallway but it suddenly appeared behind me and attacked me just when it spawned

I think the director at least TRIES to spawn rats out of sight, but sometimes it messes up. It also doesn’t seem to stop spawning rats and switch them to a different location if the players gain vision of the spawn point.

It’s not a big deal unless the spawn point isn’t designed for plain-sight spawns. If you see a rat crawl out of a hole in the ground or jump out of a window that’s totally fine. The issue with the example I posted is that rats are popping out of thin air in t-pose basically.

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