Rats spawn in plain sight on Nest

After you go through the forge room and cross the bridge you have to drop down a ledge to continue. This spot is directly under that ledge, rats will spawn here without any animation and just pop out of thin air one by one. If you are above the ledge you can’t see this happen but once you drop it’s really obvious.

Happens everywhere mate, on nearly all maps. But into the nest is really notorious for it. The area where you flip the switch for the water wheels and cross the bridge, they spawn behind that pillar before you go down the stairs. You can just stand there and cleave them as the waves spawn in. :smiley:

Nearly every other map has spots like this as well. Unless they spawn up on a cliff or outside the walk-able map, this will happen. When you see the rats running at you in a single file line, you can normally dodge past them or use a dash ULT and see the exact spot they’re spawning in.

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Yeah they’ve done a pretty good job of hiding them so far. In cases where rats spawn in plain sight there will be an animation where they climb out of the ground, or through a window or something. This is just one of the few “t-pose” spawns where they just drop in.

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