Ratling gunner spawns way too far away

Into the Nest is pretty notorious for weird ratling gunner spawns where they attack you through walls and floors and stuff. This is another example of the spawn system not working as intended. I am standing on the cliff leading up to the bridge section and that green dot above and to the left of my crosshair is a ratling gunner almost too far away to see. Even with the beam staff zoom he’s only a couple pixels tall.

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Hah! That’s fantastic. A very auspicious Ratling Gunner… hey, maybe he wants to be promoted to be a Jezzail and is just showboating his raw talents for identifying targets at obscene ranges :smile:

Forgive me for not adding anything of use, but that’s sorta fun.

I’ve always enjoyed these as it adds a little variety, needing to move between cover to advance, that sort of thing. It’s also fun having a sniper battle at extreme range! Super bummer as slayer though, or with a grudgeraker… xD

I’m curious to whether this is intended or not, it may be intended and we just never see it in action because most maps don’t allow for the extreme range line of site that into the nest does. I think I’ve seen it a couple times on Athel, not much else though…

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