Rashad MK II Combat Axe hit box problem?

When I test this weapon in the meat grinder, a lot of my attacks land on the target’s head visually, but don’t count as a weak spot hit.

Especially when I try the heavy overhead attack on the crusher, the other two types of combat axes won’t have any problem hitting such a big head. But with Rashad MK II Combat Axe, this very simple thing becomes really hard. I need to stay at a certain distance from the crusher, not too far not too close, to make a successful headshot. Otherwise, it will somewhat hit the shoulder(probably) even if the weapon clearly goes for the head.


I have the same problem with this axe, visually it looks like its a headshot but it just is not registering as a headshot. Even with the straight down chop attack it has.

Was testing it with brutal momentum and it was triggering very little compared to the other combat axes.

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I reported this as bug.

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