Random CTDs without any warning or previous issues

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Crash - During Play

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I would like to report a random crashing to desktop without apparent reason and no error message. I blamed it on mods, so I disabled them, to no avail. It’s not bound to any map and can happen at any point during the run.
I see no regularity in the crashes, except maybe for the fact, that they seem to happen, when I play with a Veteran with Tagging Keystone in the team. Example of such a crash: see below.

GUID: 8fc9bea3-43aa-4ba2-9bde-52da9a2d9c5e
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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Unusual (<25%)

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Steam (PC)

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GUID: 8fc9bea3-43aa-4ba2-9bde-52da9a2d9c5e
Log File:
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console-2023-12-01-23.14.47-3c0fc6b7-3f6b-4d88-84ee-828896cad1f5.log (285 KB)
console-2023-12-01-22.13.23-b59d1183-56bd-4798-9019-24f24ea1529f.log (345 KB)
console-2023-12-01-22.43.54-0fa91d30-5bc0-424e-8ba3-eb80e6dea2bc.log (183 KB)
console-2023-12-02-11.15.15-8fc9bea3-43aa-4ba2-9bde-52da9a2d9c5e.log (361 KB)
crash_dump-2023-12-02-11.15.15-8fc9bea3-43aa-4ba2-9bde-52da9a2d9c5e.dmp (690 KB)
crash_dump-2023-12-01-22.13.23-b59d1183-56bd-4798-9019-24f24ea1529f.dmp (921 KB)
crash_dump-2023-12-01-22.43.54-0fa91d30-5bc0-424e-8ba3-eb80e6dea2bc.dmp (693 KB)
crash_dump-2023-12-01-21.58.00-c143be6b-32c4-4615-8b07-3142c05e9bb2.dmp (868 KB)

I’ve queried this with our developers and will report back to you!

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We suspect this could be related to your RAM.

You can check your RAM for errors using the Windows Memory Diagnostic by:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter mdsched.exe and select ‘OK’
  3. When ready, select the ‘Restart now and check for problems’ option
  4. Allow the scan to complete
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Hello Julia, thanks for your patience and help.

I have ran the test overnight as it takes very long and did not notice anything strange.

Your hint to the RAM was very helpful. I’ve done some digging and traced the possible problem to the BIOS settings. I’ve updated BIOS short time ago and turned on some fancier options (X-AMP Profile).

Long story short, I suppose the X-AMP was causing the problems, after turning it off, the problems were gone for around 5- 10 games so far.

Thanks for support, both from you and your teammates :wink:


Very helpful to know! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. :slight_smile:

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