Ragers avoiding Crucis Thunder Hammer power up attack , ghost attack insta kills? Ridiculous!

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Player Mechanics

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This happened twice in one game… The Crucis Thunder Hammer power-up attack had no effect on Dreg Ragers(They had no Nurgle buffs , just regular ragers)!! i literally hit them , the animation followed through and they kept attacking as if i didn’t hit them at all… also when im on my psyker i have to hit the button twice to drop my shield when fighting gunners…someone else told me they’re having the same issue… another issue, i killed a a horde and right after they were dead… i got hit with a ghost attack and suffered A LOT of damage…as if one of the Npc’s i killed had some delayed reaction…PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!

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The servers took a massive nosedive these past weeks. They’re either scaling down to save money or f’d something up again