Rager making no noise

Is it intended that rager makes no sound clue at all? Not even yelling or something. It feels really strange, especially when in Vermintide 2 Monks and Berserkers yells like a psychopath and you definitely know when they’re there. I’m really confused right now…


“Be vewy vewy qwiet. I’m hunting wejects.”
-Elmer Fuddgor, professional rager.

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Pretty sure they’re supposed to incoherently scream as raging cultists do. FatShark’s dropping the ball.

Sorry to bother you Sah! @Fatshark_Hedge would it be possible to have a answer about that “issue”?

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Ill enquire tomorrow/later (its 02:36 atm!)


In general, some specials have really obvious audible warning cues, but most are silent. I think I just notice it the most with ragers, since you’d kind of expect them to bit a bit noisey.

Edit: the Ogryn has a voice line on Rager death “at lease now he stopped making noise” or words to that effect, so this must be a bug…

Sure! Thank you! Sorry for the late tag I wrote that before going to bed… :sweat_smile: