Do Ragers actually make any noise?

Do Ragers actually make any noise?

There’s a small amount of ingame voice banter where the characters will shout out something like"Ragers gone quiet" or “Ragers not making noise anymore”

But, i’ve never actually heard them making noise? in-fact quite the opposite. Almost dead quiet when swinging their axes, especially in hoards.


They make a really bizarre “…Yeah!” sounds sometimes. That’s about it as far as I know.

They’re a little too into getting slapped I guess. I don’t judge.

I suspect there’s quite a few things missing audio/using placeholder audio right now.

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I remember once hearing a scab rager chanting something, but it was incredibly quiet - so much so that poxwalkers were drowning him out.

Haven’t heard a thing since.

I heard a scab rager yell while charging (kinda like the suicide bombers from Serious Sam) but quieter and only once.

Since the game is still in Early Access!

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How hard can this be to fix. It’s been like this since early Beta, the rejects clearly reference them being noisy. Did FS just… Forget to record any voice lines and said “screw it”?

Honestly the silent rager is so bizarre. It’s been brought up numerous times but not a peep from Fatshark concerning this.


You hear the “glass breaking” sound once they beat your toughness including 50% of HP into pulp from behind.

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