Quickplay Weave Loading Screen has a Steam Overlay on it in the graphic (and it's not mine!)

Please include as much information as possible in the description of your issue and include:

  • Steps to reproduce the issue - Simply started to play a Quickplay Weave on Veteran, saw the loading screen seemed to have some steam overlay info in the bottom right showing a friend I don’t have in my friends list, looks to be an embedded image as part of the loading screen O_o
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you - Have only seen it the once so far
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

You can see the glowing blue rune sitting ABOVE the Steam friend info, so it looks to be part of the loading screen to me. I have a Discord overlay showing friends and an FPS counter in the top right, but the bottom left detail showing “TommiHawk” isn’t from my Steam overlay and I don’t even have that person on my friends list.

If reporting a crash, please do so within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category and include the crash report produced.

Haha didn’t see that. TommiHawk playing “Warhammer Vermintide Internal something” =p

We done messed up :weary: it’ll be patched soon!

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