Question for Fatsharks: Why Kool-aid Monster never happened in game?

The Kool-aid ogre that never was (0:41s):

So why exactly this idea was abandoned?
Empire in flames still have all those places, and even breakable wall.
So, spill the beans.


I remember meeting a couple of monsters down there actually. Its just everyone tend to take the other route because of the tome.

I’ve seen it happen long ago, but during my last hundreds of Empire runs, I’ve only seen that route taken ONCE precisely because there’s a bunch of items and a tome on the other route and a boss death trap down there.

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Pretty sure those were toned town a bit due to stupid behavior and performance issues.
By behavior, it was not uncommon to see the boss “spawn” inside the wall and then inexplicably simply refuse to brake the wall.
For example you could take the 2nd route in empire in flames, get the boss to spawn but you would have to go down and next to the “surprise” wall to even get him out. Nowadays the boss just comes out from the building if you use the 2nd path.
You could also contribute some of it due to people purposefully ignoring the path after few attempts because with bosses like chaos spawn it could be an absolute death trap with limited space.

There also is other wall next to the 2nd tome which used to be a common boss trigger but nowadays the boss either activates early or the spot is nuked


These definitely still exist. Just ran into one three times in a row on a true solo. It’s RNG-based whether you get one or not, though (also, sometimes they get stuck in the wall…).

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