Question about Shade talent and "disabling"

The level 10 Shade talent Ellinill’s Venom increases damage to enemies that are disabling Kerillian by 100%. My question is, what exactly constitutes disabling? Now that they nerfed the power increase from holding a grim, I’m thinking about taking this talent. When a Chaos spawn grabs me and starts eating me, the team can do double damage. But what about the Bile Troll? Obviously if an assassin pounces on me, it should take the extra damage because I am disabled. But what if the Troll pukes in my face and I get that nasty status effect? Does that count as disabling me? Or does it only count for enemies that grab, like the Packmaster and Leeches?

Disabling should include anything that doesn’t down your character, but does prevent you from controlling it in any way whatsoever.

So “when disabled” should count:

  • tackled by Gutter Runner
  • hooked by Packmaster
  • levitated by Leech
  • flying due to Blight Storm
  • being eaten by Troll
  • tentacled by Chaos Spawn

The Blight Storm one may or may not consider it to actually be disabled by the Sorcerer, as the Storm may be considered independent at that point.

Being snared by Bile isn’t disabled, as you still have control of your hero and movement related Ultimates work perfectly fine to get you out of the area and at full speed.

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