Quality Of Life Gameplay Improvements and suggestions

I’m a VT2 vet(1000+ hours), and have logged over 100 hours into darktide. I have some suggestions to help the game’s quality of life.

Map selection

The map selection could use some serious QOL. The map selections and gamemodes should be tied to the difficulty level the player selects. So long story short you go to the mission HUB, select the difficulty you want, and from there the the map options should be selectable. This would add variety and not limit the player to like 1-3 options but instead offer around a dozen missions for heresy(or any) difficulty when they need to collect 25 scriptures or whatever their goals are.

End of map scoreboard

Keep this simple like it was in VT2. This worked great as a way of telling the player if they are effective or not. Back in VT2 at the end of a game, you could see how many kills everyone had, and if you had say something like 200 kills less than everyone, low special kill count, etc, you could adjust your gear, build, skills - whatever to try to improve, or give the player an idea if there is room for improvement. I never saw toxicity towards players based on this, I’m sure it exists but this is online gaming and the internet is a toxic place.

Char selection/team variety

Give the player an option to check a box to force team variety. Some players would like to see the 4 diff classes and not multiple Ogryns, etc. Ogryns are strong but they are also large and hard to shoot around. Also a good option would be to let a character change their class in the lobby during the map start countdown. Join a game as a psyker, see 2 other psykers, change to something else. Pretty simple and…standard.


This is a tough one to touch on because I feel that the mission rewards are lacking. Crafting is not in the game yet, and that may add a sense of rewarding the player in the future - and implementing the crafting system should be a priority. BLAH BLAH, the grind does not feel as rewarding as it did in VT2.

The Hub

Give us hotkeys or an options menu to easily navigate all the stuff we can do in the hub but without having to run around it like some sort of online mall. It feels empty, all most like a chore.

A heretic’s Conclusion

I think implementing everything I suggested will create a better gaming environment and help with player retention.