QoL things (non-balance/crafting)

Let me preface this with the title. This will NOT be about the balance of items or the crafting system at all. It will however be about quality of life changes that would be nice to see or get.

  1. Better and more detailed explanations for almost everything.
    So this includes blessing, feats, perks, abilities, items, effects and enemies. I want to understand what something is suppose to do when working as intended.
    What is the calculation suppose to be?
    How does this function or interact?
    How long does it take or last?
    This includes fixing inconsistencies with the wording on things as well. It is simply too difficult to get into things yourself. Why do so many things only vaguely describe their function? Even weapon inspect for all it’s details is often vauge with what a stat does exactly.

  2. Performance and crash issues that seem unavoidable.
    In my case personally I have no performance issues with the game. Yet it is easy to see from the known issues and report there are still a lot for others. This along with an issue I do face, which is crashing to desktop on load randomly. These are serious issues to even being able to play the game. Having these major flaws fixed are definitely a quality of life toward playing.

  3. Filter, mainly in item/inventory searching along with other areas.
    With items, it’d be nice to sort them by a specific weapon mk or by blessing/perk tier or even search for a specific blessing/perk. Right now it’s just a list of seperate slots organized by overall item rating. If they plan to impliment a saveable pre-set build system as stated these filters would be wonderful.
    Also included in filters if player population recovers enough to justify. It would be nice to be able to filter current missions in progress nkt just by difficulty but also things like secondary objectives, modifiers, intensity. If we want to get picky possibly team composition or minimal/maximum level for higher difficulty quick matches.

  4. More options for environmental hazards.
    Right now things like ‘lights out’ or ‘gas release’ are often entirely avoided when possible. There are too few options to try and handle them. An example being flashlight secondary on some firearms. There are only 10 weapons with a torch secondary action. Almost exclusively lasguns as well really limiting choices to function. While the feeling of flashlights in the dark is cool. It really gimps further additional conditions. What are they going to add next and how do you address or handle it? A carriable in the medipak/ammopack slot that deals with a condition? Like I honestly cannot see where they are going with these moving foward.

  5. More/clearer training grounds options.
    It’s a test bed map for players, so why is it so limited? It doesn’t do a good job of explaining enemy types/armors or interactions. It is very limited on enemies and their positioning. You cannot test damage against yourself or agressive enemy related ideas as their all static. So it’d be nice to have an area you could say spawn a hoard or a specific enemy. Being able to set their numbers and such. Right now a lot of things truly are testing in the line of fire.

  6. Hud elements, visual/audio queues and timers.
    This rolls back into (1) a good bit but in a different way. Right now a lot of debuffs or buffs anf effects are not shown in game. You don’t know how many stacks of a blessing you have at a moments glance or at all. You can’t always clearly make out your own emptying tiny hud icon while on 10% health and as a psyker fkr example suffering high peril in combat. Too much clutter distortion and not enough clarity. Things like optional timers in buffs/debuffs. More clarity on what the audio queues are triggering and how far/close. More information about these associated things in general.

This is all I can think of Fter a busy night at work. So i had little time to sort or sift these thoughts. Lol

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