What is the Point of the "Quality of Life" Update?

Do I understand the recent update’s implications correctly:


  • All information (talents, items, crafting options) is shuffled semi-randomly over the screen.


  • All true quality of life mods such as
    * Loadout Manager
    * This item thingy one, which let you a long time ago filter through keywords/traits/stats
    are gone.

I hold someting like one screen+ (30ish) of red items for all 3 trinket slots. Some of the elven weapons I have more than 10 times. For the 4th and 5th trinket slot I want to use various combinations depending on the weapons’s choices. I cannot sort (e. g. altering the picture to have a group for crit chance, cooldown recovery, stamina recovery, damage against skaven, damage against amored a. s. o.) or filter them. I do not understand, how I save builds for quick restoration. All my saved builds seem no longer to be available. I do not understand, how I can quickly set up a build, I want to play.

Do I miss something or is this simply the result for my “Quality of Life” after this patch? Is there an advantage I have missed? Maybe clicking some pixel allows me to do things, which were possible some patches ago? Is it only me, or is the clarity strictly worse now?

I am happy to withdraw this post, if I am too stupid to see the features, which would allow me the things I am missing now.

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You can always go back to the previous HUD from settings menu. Then all the mods work fine.

A lot of features are new and useful for people who don’t use mods and for console players. I am a mod user too, so I do not like the update, because it lacks a lot of key features from mods that they implemented partially and other very important mods do not work (yet) unless you go back to the legacy version. But for a seccion of the player base should be an improvement.

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