QoL improvement for Great Axe

I’m not going to talk about where great axe stands compared to other weapons. (For general stuff regarding great axe, and comparing great axe to other weapons, see this thread, among others: Bardin's (currently not-so-)Great Axe)

However, it bothers me that the single target (light) attack does less damage than the cleave (charged) attack does. With the current implementation, swing priority is something like this:

  • For hordes, use the cleave (charged) attack. Makes sense.
  • For Stormvermin and Chaos Warriors, use the single target (light) attack as it is easier to hit the head with (light and charged attack does about same dmg vs. armored). Feels ok.
  • But for single Infantry (Fanatics and Raiders), Monsters and Berserkers, queue up the cleave (charged) attack anyways (don’t use the single target attack) as the cleave attack has higher damage to its first target than the single target attack has vs. these enemy types! Why is it designed like this? Single Fanatics and Raiders are no threat anyway, it would be a QoL improvement to let the single target attack be as efficient to these targets as the cleave attack is. I would argue for making the same change regarding single target attacks vs Berserkers and Monsters (make it do at least the same amount of damage as the cleave attack does to its first target) but this would be a (needed in my opinion) buff to the Great Axe, not just a QoL change.

So, to sum it up:
Could you please consider buffing Great Axe single target attack to do at least as much damage as the cleave attack does to its first target? If its to much to ask to get this buff against Monsters and maybe Berserkers, at least for the Infantry enemy class? Its just annoying to have to queue up the charged cleave attack to be able to efficiently dispose of single Fanatics and Raiders.


Wow now that you said it…

I was always wondering why I needed so many hits for trash infantry like Fanatics or Marauders. Didn’t make sense to me why I needed 2/3 hits on the normal, single-target attack when the charged feels less blocky and janky AND does more damage while also cleaving a bit. Wth?

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