QoL Feature Priority

The Inspect Loadout feature is nice, but it’s not one that solves any issues whatsoever. Without the ability to save and load Loadouts, I’m never going to change mine anyway, regardless of what the rest of the team is running. So give us the ability to do that first.

Give us any information about any of the dozen or more keywords you simply made up. Let us look at what our 20+ talents do during a mission. Give us a scoreboard (modders can do it, I believe you can too!)

There are at least ten QoL fixes and updates that the game needs. There are probably another ten or so that I would rather have before being allowed to look at a stranger’s loadout before he spends the next 20 minutes running past enemies and goblin-ing up all the ammo. Please understand what makes your game fun and what could make it better.

This has been a feature for ages though?

It’s the ‘+’ button on the top right of the operative screen

There’s also a mod on nexus that gives you MOAR loadouts!

This has been possible for months. What have you been up to?

Fatshark’s obvious actual incentive for allowing us to inspect other players is so that we can see what cosmetics the other players are wearing and push us toward the Commodore’s Vesture.

I have no other reason to inspect anyone on the Mourningstar.

Hey, everybody get over here and get a load of this sad Krieg’s deflated sack!

EDIT: biggest nerf of the patch.

I don’t blame OP in the least.

You either KNOW that you have to click there to add/change loadout, or it’s just invisible.

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