Purgatus, a loose break down

So, too lazy to record edit and upload a video since I am making a rough point here.

Doing some testing I found the DoT scaling tail end has some pretty wide damage ranges for charge.

What I mean by this is between almost fully charged closer to 95%+, 100% and holding it for a moment extra after the bar fills.

The DoT is 113, 135 and 159 per tick. This is pretty dramatic for a DoT especislly considering the charge time differences are less than a second between these three ranges.
This was against a T4 maurader.

Against an unyielding I get a lesser but still noticeable gap.

The DoT is 85, 102 and 119 per tick. Less dramatic but still a gap. If i experiment on what appears to be a per stack basis of scaling here is what I managed per tick:

2, 5, 11, 19, 29, 41, 54, 85, 102, 119, 138, 157, 177, 197, 217

Vs a +20% vs unyielding perk [48%dmg]
2, 6, 14, 23, 35, 49, 65, 82, 101, 122, 143, 166. 189, 212

Then, well the unyielding dies at that point. So it seems a full staff charge is the equivalent of 10 stacks. While I am unable to test for an upper limit it appears that after 10 stacks you get a consistent damage increase per stack.

Worth noting is that the ticks stack timer resets when a new stack is applied. You have 11 ticks of damage per stack, then it drops down for one tick each until it’s out or you reset against by adding another DoT. Each tick is roughly a second [0.44 to 0.31] according to Burn stat. At 80% it’s 0.34 so even another 20% would ve unnoticed.

Damage also has a minimal role it seems as I have a 48% staff and a 73% staff. Both apply the same damage at each tick tier.
Also the “Burn” stat has a limited “Max Damage Over Time Stacks” that does apply but it’s range of [8-16] means right now anything with 15 stacks is the best we can get. Which is somewhere over 72% that was still at 14 stacks.

Criticals only apply to the first damage tick of a new stack. Which is based off the damage tick it triggers on and not during the DoT ever it seems. So crit on this really bad. Lol

A few things I want to point out, obviously my specifics from weapon to feats and even if i had warp charges matters. My point is more about the gaps in damage between later stacks of the DoT and how easy it is to under do it.

My take away?

Damage stat- Pointless currently, as even with a 48% staff my DoT tick damage is idential to my 73%. The damage only affects the first tick of damage when a tier is applied.

Burn - Only has two functions listed, max dot stacks and DoT ‘application rate’. The application rate is so minor it goes unnoticed. Max stacks matter but almost nothing will be alive after 10 stacks from a full charge and your allies also dealing damage.

So you probably only need good Radius, Warp Resistance and Quell Speed. Untill we can get 16 stacks, 14 and 15 don’t bring much when they die before the DoT ends.

Also!!! Perks do apply to DoT as you can see above but it is so incredibly minor and even at some tiers of ticks weaker than normal. So that feels worthless. I guess I’d want stamina and sprint efficiency?

Taking a look at the blessing it can get.

Focused channel - is best in slot for the hoard clearing. No more mook interrupting the charge up.

Run 'N Gun - only applies to basic attacks and you are still slowed some doing them.

Terrifying barrage - I’ll be honest i don’t fully understand how suppression works in this. Yet the ‘Cloud Radius’ stat even at 0% has a larger area of suppression than the best Terrifying Barrage. Along with no idea how much suppression it gives as a weapon stat. Lol

Warp Flurry - Now this is worthless as far as I can tell. Someone else showed a surge staff test earlier with it at max roll and saw no notable difference in charge times. Also with a 1.75second flat charge speed. You’d get it to just under a second if you didn’t need to stop and quell peril before a fifth secondary. You’re better off doing basic attacks to apply stacks. You just don’t get the cloud range/area.

Warp Nexus - Oh boy, let’s say you get it best roll 5% per at 4 stacks [however it calculates since it’s based off peril…] plus a perk for another max +5%. That is 25% crit chance total for a crit that only applies on the first tick thay triggers it on a tier of the DoT. These aren’t awful but thks isn’t great…

So my current dream purgatus staff knowing all this now?

48%+ damage [same DoT as 73%]
80% burn [The extra DoT max stack helps if it ever comes up. Otherwise so long as it doesn’t give less than 10 max stacks.]
80% cloud [AoE and range are big deals]
80% warp res [More spam pretty noticeable]
80% quell speed [also really noticeable between a low and high roll]

I would probably take stamina and sprint efficiency? Honestly unsure with how it does the calculations for % enemy type bonus.

For blessings I’d take focus channel and be done but maybe terrifying barrage is good? I just dont understand it.


Crits apply 2 stacks of burn instead of 1 as well so it’s not so bad. You reach max stacks quicker with higher crit chance.

Nah not pointless at all.
The direct damage of the staff is pretty ok.

Perks affect the damage dealt by the staff itself, as well as the dot, as you pointed out yourself.
And i am not sure where your confusion comes from, because it looks to me, like the bonus dmg % applies exactly as you would expect.

You missed the 69 (nice) between 54 and 85. You probably tested only once, and got a crit after the 54 tick.
As a result, you compared all the wrong numbers and instead of assuming that you might have made a mistake, you came to the conclusion, that a 20% damage bonus works in mysterious ways and sometimes lowers the damage instead of increasing it (although wierdly enough, the 20% would fit exactly, if your numbers were shifted over by one stack).

If you take the correct numbers, a 20% perk does pretty much exactly 20% extra damage for each number of dot stacks (± a little bit, due to rounding).

What do you mean? Where do you get „a second“ from?
Also, the burn stat does not say anything about dot tick rate.
It influences the rate at which dot stacks are applied.

Ill have to test, i had so few crits it i didnt notice. :smiley:

Of you match stack for stack it’s inconsistent and drops at times.

2, 5, 11, 19, 29, 41, 54, 85, 102, 119, 138, 157, 177, 197, 217

Vs a +20% vs unyielding perk [48%dmg]
2, 6, 14, 23, 35, 49, 65, 82, 101, 122, 143, 166. 189, 212

Both staves do same per tick damage against other enemies. Despite their huge gap in damage% role.

At stack 7 and 8 it actually does less consistently.

I explained exactly where your error was made.
Still, you now quoted the same incorrect numbers you used before.

You now doubled down on the inconsistency coming at stack 7 and 8 (according to you: 54 and 85 damage).
As i said, you missed the actual number for 8 stacks, which is 69 damage per tick.
The inconsistency comes from your own mistake that i already pointed out.

Do you not understand what i said?

Yes… Their dot does the same damage because Soul Blaze dot does not scale with weapon damage. None of the weapon stats claim that it should.

Oh apply rate? But that is also pretty unnoticed with such a small range. As atleast with what i had to test, both applied 10 stacks at full charge.