Pulling QnC data from Fatshark's Server

Im interested in retrieving the Quest and Contract board data (items and missions) from a lightweight server request. Someone suggested to me on discord that this is possible but may require authentication with a steam account that owns the game and they gave me the address https://item-prod-ext.fatshark.deltamanagement.se/run/qnc_get_state_2/0. This url gives me a 404 but is obviously an actual server somewhere. How can I retrieve the QnC data using this?

Thanks :grin:

If the quests and contracts board wasn’t a minimum viable effort, shallow reincarnation of the v1 board and actually had interesting quests and good rewards this might make a useful out of game app to see what was on it.

Not sure what you mean, I am talking about the V1 board.

You never said anything about the vermintide 1 board. By “V1” I meant vermintide 1 if that wasn’t obvious.

Im sorry but please notice this is in the Vermintide 1 All-in-One section and that the V2 board (which I dont believe is called Quest and Contracts) doesnt have specific items.

So yes, Im talking about the Vermintide 1 bounty board. Do you know anything about the url I posted? Is the url for V2 and not V1?

Oops, fair enough. No I didn’t realise it was the all in one thread.