Psyker too much weak

It is definitely not fine. In those situations id be better off just shooting whatever needs to die as a Veteran. Psyker’s niche is non-existent.
If an enemy is far away I can just shoot them as a veteran.

In what situation is a Psyker a better teammate than a Veteran? Veteran is tankier, and deals more damage. Psyker early on atleast does more damage to armored targets but as vet progresses they completely eclipse psyker even on armored targets.

Psyker is bad.


I think they’re generally better at dealing with close range targets and have more AOE/CC damage options than veteran, while still having long-range utility with BB and decent single target with force sword ability.

Veteran has frag grenades for aoe and crowd control. Power sword shreds hordes in melee range. Bolter burst fire nukes close range targets, especially with volley fire and the +50% ogryn damage lvl30 feat.

The only time Psyker is doing more than a Vet is if the Vet is entirely out of ammo and grenades (which never really happens) or is in the middle of his reload.

Force sword is great for assassination targets though.

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Frag grenades are a great tool to be sure, but they don’t measure up to the utility of force staves secondary attacks or the psyker’s ult. The force sword ability being spammed could probably compete with most things damage wise since it can be used even at very high peril without blowing up. And a psyker probably has more tools to deal with anything more than a single target close range.

I just added this to my original post but dont forget vet also has power sword for hordes.

I really want to like Psyker but theyre really bad and unfun to play at higher difficulties. They even have half the toughness of vet despite being weaker lol

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in my opinion Psyker is much better as a CC and force multiplier… and im okay with that

the BB thing is annoying and badly designed, so im just using it only when a big armored target appears and regretting my trait options every single time

BB does really bad boss damage. It’s decent against enemies that run out of LoS but you could just kill them before they leave los with a good gun on vet. Only thing I really get to kill with brain burst are dogs that have been softened by my allies gunfire before leaving LoS.(takes 2 BB ti kill a dog on heresy)

Have you seen vets sustained boss damage?

Id be fine with it if the class was designed around it, but theyre clearly designed as an elite killer with their passives and feats.

They would need a total rework to be the ranged horde clear/cc class instead of elite killer.

Right now theyre just worse elite killers than vet with more consistent ranged crowd control. Overall they just arent satisfying to play.

Warp charges are soooo lame. I regret leveling psyker to 30

biggest use of BB against the truly dangerous enemies is the fact that it makes everything else do +15% damage

because by the time your BB lands and takes a chunk out of it, everyone already spotted it and is pouring fire into it like crazy… and with the additional bonus, especially + coherency, they just melt

Dude the 15% damage on elites/specs does nothing for TTk and requires a feat. Youre grasping at straws here. Youd be better off just shooting the thing and killing it

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yeah warp charges suck, but i am very much enjoying the voidstrike staff and i will just keep using it until my fingers bleed… screw the BB

hell, against the softer elites giving them a good voidstrike blast or two is simpler, often staggers them, and its FASTER

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Yeah voidstrike is great, and brain burst is trash. Weapon has practically no synergy with the class and is the best thing about it. That is why Psyker is bad. Desperately needs a buff/rework.


i want a complete rework instead at this point… i WANT to focus on staves… i want a variety and i want showy flashy booms… that isnt too much to ask from a crazed space mage, right?

Idk how any of you get to level 30 and then complain about brain burst. It’s a niche tool for niche situations, I’m gonna enjoy ccing the entire enemy frontline and keep 4 stacks without even really thinking about it, I suppose.

Edit: granted, I don’t think it should take 30 levels for the class to get “fun” and start up that staff focus gameplay.

sorry people but i will agree with Vortiene i dont care if you are 30 lvl or 0 lvl and higher ranks or low ranks pro or not pro good for yall congrats for high rank but as im new player 14 lvl. MY CLASS I LIKE ( psyker) NEED REWORK.

The patch notes clearly stated that the Zealot was the high risk high reward.

“The Zealot class has had a balance pass, some fixes, specifically on the toughness feats side, and updated player-facing texts. The aim is to make the choice between the three options a bit more interesting whilst establishing Zealots’ survivability as an engaging challenge with sensible power. The bleed functionality has also been overhauled to provide proper stacking, opening up the viability and synergy of Zealot, Ogryn, and Veteran talent options.”

Direct quote from the patch notes. Fatshark has no idea how to class balance