Psyker suggestions

Psyker is a mess.

There should be 3 talent lines for psyker based on their available weapons.

Talents should focus on 3 different directions as follows.

-Talents that interact with non-warp weapons for example the 10% chance brain burst on hit talent we have.

-Talents that focus on empowering our warp based weapons and staves like the force sword damage based on peril talent.

-Talents focusing on buffing our base kit such as the talent adding warp fire to our ult or gaining toughness on gaining a warp charge.

With talents focused like these we can use any weapon we like without regret, even avoiding warp related weapons entirely.

Alternatively they could just remove half the psyker weapons as the only melee weapons worth using are the force sword ,dueling sword, or maybe chainsword.

The only guns worth a psyker’s time are the full auto lasguns when using the brain burst on hit talent otherwise staves are just better.