Psyker Staff Specials

I think the staves could use a little reworking to make them each more interesting

In summary:
Each staff’s special should be more than a simple melee attack, I have a sword for that, each staff special should be themed and complementary to the particular staff. So for example, the surge staff’s special should be a quick jolt of electricity that deals minimal damage but stuns 1-2 targets in front of you, while the trauma staff could be a snap of fire (essentially Dark Souls’ Combustion pyromancy) or something along these lines. I think these attacks should also be oriented around the range of the staff, being quick bursts of damage at an opposite range factor of the staff while giving up some of the benefits of the staff’s better abilites. So with the purgatus staff being so short range, the special could be a concentrated burst of fire that shoots at long range, but not much AoE or burn like the rest of the staff’s kit

Also buffs to some of the more underperforming staffs would be nice (looking at your purgatus)