Psyker is in desperate needs of a Rework

Agreed it’s very poorly done, and I say this as a vet first player who tried psyker out cause space magic, it’s a pain.

My take is that BB needs to be decoupled as the “primary” way to get warp charges. We should still get them from BB ,but we should also naturally get them from say warp attack kills or maybe peril generation (my fav idea tbh I think someone mentioned it here already actually lol). Also maybe naturally from soul blaze as well instead of needing a percent chance from a level 30 feat? I would also suggest that it should be on use for BB with a cool down to prevent spaming and ,hypothetically, on proc for soul blaze (with a cool down equal to BBs charge rate or something like that sense it would effect groups of enemies instead of just one). It would be more consistent and avoid kill stealing for a integral part of the kit. This is especially a problem when it’s clear you aren’t nessicarly the one whose supposed to be doing the killing or at least have to be the one your more support (although you should have the ability to spec into killing to some degree imo most classes have that level of flexibility which psyker doesn’t seem too). Of course it doesn’t have to be all of the above, but something along those lines. This would also allow for more synergy with your toughness generation which is a problem rn.

Next inner tranquility and battle meditation should be switched it’s like a required pick rn and would allow for more play style variation and synergize with the skills and mechanics of the class more.

Next with the change to warp charge. Psychic communication should be removed and replaced with something maybe some kind of psykic shield like toughness regen for the gorup or something. The others are offensive support so I thought a defensive support could be a good idea. Anyway having a coherency feat focused on yourself while all the other classes have only feats that help others and maybe yourself is odd and out of place imo.

Next I think both kentic deflection and kinetic shield should be replaced with something else it feels like it’s trying to force you into a role that either the vet or oygren are WAY better at and is their consent/staple role of the class regardless of build. While also simultaneously making you do something that you have no business trying to do as the squishy support. I would say maybe a feat that allows you to cast BB without movement penalty and maybe one that gives you stagger/interruption immunity while casting BB. (Just ideas ,but I have them focused on BB to allow for a more BB focused build. This could make using non psyker weapons more viable while keeping class mechanic interaction. Also there is a lack of feats affecting your blitz for psyker compared to other classes)

Next feat, give kinetic flayer the elite prioritizing instead of kenetic overload. Decouple kinetic overload from warp charge instead make it a chance just like flyer also ethier remove kinetic flayers ability to give you warp charges or give it to kinetic overload as well. This gives you the option to gear your kit more towards hord control or elite control or just going for more warp charges all good choices imo. Also with this I will note that both soul blaze and BB need to scale with level or something so that they don’t have such huge damage drop off, doesn’t have to be crazy damage but they get unusable at higher difficulties rn as was mentioned by op. Unlike psyker other classes don’t have these magical damage effects and all their damage basically comes from there weapons which can scale. Even some effects that are damaged focused like the vets grenade are foscued on hord clear and control and it already does so much damage that it doesnt become an issue since its for mobs not specials or elites really other then stagger.

Next the ult is a little eh imo. The ult itself should quell maybe 75%? and maybe have a bigger stagger profile I think that would make it as useful as the others. Kenetic barrage should be buffed in terms of more time, allowing for the BB build maybe even allow two BBs at the same time? I think ascendant blaze is fine just needs the damage scaling. Also if the earlier warp charge change I mentioned for soul blaze is used then it is of course redundant to be here and honestly may still be if a different change is made. Quicken If it didn’t exspened warp charges (or maybe only half?) and instead just feed off them I could see as a way to do consent casting or at least a lot more of it which could be cool.

Lastly I think the staffs need to be touched on too as they go hand in hand with the class in a way. Right now the light attack is meh and no one seems to use them really I don’t really (they suck tbh). I feel the staffs, if the classes kit is built towards it, should give the psyker some flexibility in what they can do more then they currently do. Plus spaming one attack over and over is a eh game play loop imo. Unlike guns where you have to aim for for weak spots switch form rapid to single fire depending on the situation. It’s just a lot less interesting game play wise besides the spectical of it. The change I suggest below will allow for more situational reaction and game play loop variation which I think is needed for a pysker in general and definitely while using a staff.

So in regards to that I think the “light” attacks we currently have should be removed completely. Instead combine the current “heavy” attacks. I.e there is a staff with the charged Coruscation (flames) on m1 and the charged smite (lightning) on m2 or one with the charged smite on m1 and the charged blaze bolt on m2 etc etc. That would be 7 staff’s (I think if my quick math is right) instead of the current 4 I believe. Which would be more options! and they are more fun and give the class some flexibility with it’s role that it is currently missing while using the staffs. (If you went with a no staff build you’d have that flexibility to a degree just like everyone else when they pick their weapons. Although you’d still have feat synergy problems that others don’t so combined with my other suggestions I think that would fix the psykers seemly lack of flexibility/place when it comes to its role.)

Imo something along these lines would give the psyker a proper support role with the needed flexibility. Not forced into only cc but able to assist in single target or mob damage and even be the hord clear or special/elite killer at a distance while the other classes fill or spec into different roles. Otherwise every other class has a general role but also is flexible enough to fill other roles or niche’s while the psyker is just cc support and only cc support. (For example I can build my vet for supreme special or elite killing or the hord clear master. This would be while still being the best one take on ranged hords due to my range weapon choices and having the highest toughness with good regen options that synergies appropriately well. From what I can tell the other two classes have a different but similar level of role flexibility too).

Also if anyone has a thought on my ideas please feel free to say something. I’m not above a good discussion and constructive criticism as long as people aren’t dicks about it.

(P.S I’m dyslexic so plz excuse my poor grammer and spelling. I proof read this like three times but probably still missed stuff unfortunately as this site dosent have the best grammer or spelling correction system)