Psyker "Instant Detonation" Bug - No head-grab animation, instant death,

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Issue Description: Occasionally, when hitting 100% perils as psyker, you instantly die without any sort of animation, so you cannot save yourself with your class ability. This of course can be a major problem if you’re wanting to strategically overflow and then use your vent in a pinch.

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Sadly, I cannot find a reliable way to reproduce this: but from what I’ve seen, It doesn’t really seem to matter if I take damage in the “head-grab” animation or am staggered as I initially suspected. My team was attacking a Beast of Nurgle and I was pounding away at it with my Brain Pop, trying to procc vulnerability and soulfire on it. As it was low health, i decided to go over and deal with the Peril by hitting F during the headgrab, but I died instantly. I was not taking damage, and I did not get staggered.


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I don’t record.

Ah, I thaught it was a feature lol.

Like if you overly exceed your 100% peril you don’t even get a warning that Slaanesh is licking your brains.

Also do you mean “downed” or instant death?

I have occasionally experienced this and have been downed but I thought it was due to a lag spikes.

Same is happening to me :frowning: