Psyker charged attack randomly interrupted

  1. Equip psyker staff, have occured on surge force and voidstrike. Can also happen with brain burst
  2. Charge up attack on enemies. Doesn’t seem to matter how high with staves
  3. The attack will sometimes, seemingly randomly, swap in the middle of the charge to equipped melee weapon, in block mode. It seems to happen more often just as the attack button is pressed on my mouse.


Player ID:
Steam ID: 76561198038517215

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)

Charging an attack is used with right mousebutton (default), so I guess that’s why the melee weapon instantly blocks. I have rebinded normal attack from left mousebutton to button 4 on my gaming mouse, not sure if that’s the problem. I tried rebinding weapon swapping (both up and down) away from the mouse wheel to Q, even though I never actually scrolled in combat. That, however, seemed to make the random cancelled attack happen less often.

With brain burst it seemed to happen right before the attack went off, most notably on a boss, Beast of Nurgle.

I’ve typically had this happen when I get blasted off the ground and it switches mid flight.