Psyker build options

so i got some ideas about the psyker as he currently lacks any real build defining choices
and most of the time you’d pick what’s least bad four you.

i think his brainburst ability isn’t really doing it right now so i propose that placed in the 3rd row in his skilltree there’s gonna be a choice of the build defining abilities that allows you to choose a different playstyle (i chose lvl 15 perk because i think its a reasonable place to unlock new power in terms in progression, not because any of the perks in that row need to be replaced and would gladly replace/merge them with other perks in different rows)

  1. “soul Funrace” replace Brainburst with a (freely targetable) area attack that ingnites enemies in warpfire, any enemy that dies this way vents 1% of peril

  2. “time acceleration” replaces brain burst with a (instantly applied) curse mark that accelerates enemies starting at 10% and in a period of 4s get accelerated to 50% at wich point they crumble to dust and instantly die (does 2%/1s against bosses for 10s and then stops, 0,5% against map bosses like the captains)

  3. “Mind-shatter” adds a 3s stunlock effect to brainburst (it still does the same dmg as it does currently) when the stun-locked enemy is killed in melee immediately refresh 10% toughness of that ally and kick start his toughness regeneration
    if it is killed with range/warp attack refresh 10% ability cooldowns and quell 15% peril. (of all allies)

with these changes psyker would immediately get 3 distinct directions you can go with him
im sure other have more extensive ideas what to do with him but i wanted to share an idea that would open up new possibilities without an extensive rework, and while some of the ideas would definitely need more attention than one person dialing some numbers i think they could be archieved reasonably fast.